When to Aerate Your Lawn in Woodbridge, VA

JMonta Pro knows how to keep your lawn healthy

Aerating your property's soil loosens it, allowing nutrients, oxygen and water to reach grass roots. You'll find all kinds of advice on when to aerate your lawn, but JMonta Pro recommends doing this in the fall and spring.

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reseeding lawn woodbridge va

Take the stress out of reseeding your lawn

Want to thicken your lawn? Do you need to cover a bare patch? Before you buy seed and sprinkle it over your yard, consider the perks of hiring a pro. Reseeding a lawn takes skill and experience. You can trust JMonta Pro to…

  • Chose the right seed type: There are dozens of seed varieties, most of which won’t help your yard.
  • Sow the right amount: Over-seeding and under-seeding can have equally disappointing results.
  • Protect the seedlings: Applying thick isn’t as simple as dumping a load of straw over the area.

Replenish your lawn with high-quality seeds from a professional lawn care company in Woodbridge, Virginia. Start reseeding your lawn by calling 571-405-7571 now.