Your Yard Needs Year-Round Care

Count on us for yard clean-up services in Woodbridge, VA

Have fall leaves made a mess of your yard? Are April showers bringing May weeds? JMonta Pro offers yard clean-up services in Woodbridge, Virginia and the surrounding area.

Spring and fall are the most popular times for yard clean-up services, but you can schedule an appointment anytime. If your yard needs a little sprucing up, call 571-405-7571 right away.

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Why you need a spring and fall lawn service

Your lawn needs special attention when the seasons change. JMonta Pro’s bi-annual lawn service includes:

  • Leaf removal: A layer of fallen leaves can kill your grass over the winter months, when it’s most vulnerable.
  • Bed clean-up: Clearing lawn debris from flowerbeds encourages new growth and creates an attractive appearance.
  • Pruning: Deadheading flowering plants and pruning shrubs prepare plants for seasonal changes.

Keep your yard healthy and fresh all year long. Schedule a spring or fall lawn service in the Woodbridge, VA area today.