Uncover the Benefits of Mulching

Protect your plants with mulch in the Woodbridge, VA area

When it comes to maintaining your landscape, mulch is a wonder product. It keeps the soil moist and protects seedlings from the sun. Unfortunately, it requires time and work to maintain it. Trust JMonta Pro to apply and maintain mulch in the Woodbridge, VA area.

garden mulch woodbridge va

Should you add garden mulch to your landscape?

Why do so many landscapes use mulch? Does it actually help your garden beds, or is it just a way to add more color? JMonta Pro uses garden mulch to make your beds:

  • More attractive: Enjoy a consistent ground cover in a color that makes your plants pop.
  • Humid: One of the best reasons to use mulch is to cut down on watering.
  • Safe for delicate plants: Mulch helps maintain an even temperature to prevent shock.

Our garden mulch services are available in Woodbridge, Virginia and the surrounding area. Call 571-405-7571 today to set up an appointment.